Plum Island Conspiracy Part 2: The Theories

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Plum Island Conspiracy

Plum Island

Plum Island ConspiracyPlum Island is supposed to be a level 4 research lab for the study of animal diseases and vaccinations to fight against these diseases. Speculation abounds that research is also being done regarding animal to human diseases, and bio-terrorism agents’ effects on humans. Live animals with active infections and/or diseases are kept on the island for research and study. Some theorize that this leads to infecting workers that travel from home to work, therefore possibly releasing the infections and/or diseases to the public. Also causing a rise in questioning of just what is happening on Plum Island, there have been a few “unique” things wash ashore in the surrounding areas. One such incidence is the body of a white male washing ashore on Plum Island itself. Police reports state that the body was of a large build, and had elongated fingers. The reports also state that there were no obvious fatal injuries to the body, bringing about the question, “was the male a Plum Island test subject?”

Plum Island ConspiracyPlum Island is also suspected of being the origin of the “Montauk Monster”. The “Montauk Monster” being a rodent-like creature of unknown origin that washed ashore in Montauk, Long Island, not far from Plum Island. Some people say it is a fake creature with all photos available being created through dubious means, still others are convinced that it is a Plum Island project gone awry. Other mutated, or not quite right, animals have also been found in various locations that could have possibly come from Plum Island. So, is Plum Island simply doing the job we are being told it is for, or is there more to the story? It is up to you to decide, but keep in mind that from its very beginning Plum Island has always been accused of “questionable research” regardless of what was being researched at the time. Is Plum Island just a means of distraction for an even bigger equation? This all remains to be seen. Let’s just hope the answers become clear before it’s too late.


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  1. Danpi8 says:

    I have lived near Plum Island all my life. Also lived within an hour of Montauk Point (depending on the traffic). The “Montauk Monster” was a dead and bloated dog. Plum Island was a research facility that studied Hoof and Mouth Disease. Like any Gov’t facility there are signs all over the Island stating to keep away. One could propose any theory about a place like that, and have it seem real or likely. That being said doesnt mean anything conspiracy related is happenning or happened. Great setting for a horror novel though.

    • Naomi Simms says:

      If you think that is all they do on Plum Island I’m sorry to say YOUR A FUCKEN DUMB ASS!!! THE GOVERNMENT IS CREATING GERMS TO KILL OFF THEIR ENEMY, & ANYONE WHO GETS IN THEIR WAY. The Gov doesn’t give a shit about you, me or anyone. they will kill us all oneday

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  2. nina says:

    personaly i think its a racoon and the mysteries about plum island sound a little true but yet still hard to bilive but if somthing like animal testing and experiments are going on over there i hope we should a way to stop it cause thats not right a horibble or unfortunate catastophie could happen to amarica or worse the world but unless we have hard evidence proving the reality of all this lets just try to think logical.

  3. Tish says:

    That is not a raccoon or dog what is wrong with ur eyes.That is a monster.

  4. moses thekid says:

    It looks like a racoon that’s been dead for a while

  5. Sloane says:

    The “monster” is not a dog. The bone structure of the face is clearly that of another animal.

  6. jow says:

    Check out this video of another interesting carcass washing up onto a Brooklyn beach:

  7. lina vasconcelos - world under control! says:

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